Each year we select a group of young people with high leadership potential in their final two years of sixth form (aged 16-18) who join our Leadership Award scheme. As part of this, we ask them to do two placements over a two year period at charities in the Rank network. These placements usually take place over the Summer or Easter Holidays.

We are always looking to expand the group of charities that already host placements. These organisations range from youth clubs, community cafes, elderly care and support, to educational trusts. We would like to include organisations who have a new relationship with Rank, as well as those who are members of the network but were unaware of our Leadership Award Scheme. If you would like to host a placement in 2020, please register your interest here.

The placement will take place at your project, with the young person travelling to your location from their home or school.

As part of the placement, we ask you to offer safe accommodation suitable for a young person aged 16-18. This is usually with a family well-known to the project who are appropriate in terms of your Child Protection policies, one of the host workers, or you may have residential accommodation as part of your projects (outdoor centres for example). You will need to ensure that all meals are provided or easily purchased for the young person, and that they are included in some evening activities. All accommodation costs are covered by our CAP grants.

If you are unable to offer a residential placement, we do try to organise for Leadership Award Holders to commute to their placement every day. This relies on the placement being accessible by public transport or one of your staff being able to offer transport, but also on the Award holder being local to your placement. Please do still let us know if you can host a placement, even if it is non-residential.

The young person will be expected to fulfill a full-time role in your project, working alongside other young people and/or adults for the two weeks of their placement, with supervision. The student may have particular skills that you can draw on, such as social media or sport, but we would ask you to provide an interesting and varied experience which is of benefit to both the project and the young person.

The Foundation offer a £720 grant to the host organisation for a full two-week residential placement. If your placement goes ahead, we send a recommendation for how the grant is distributed during the placement, but we do not insist on this.

For non-residential 2 week placements, the Foundation offer a £200 management grant at the end of the placement. It is up to your organisation how you wish to spend it.

CAP Placement