Pebbles is our small funding stream for UK registered charities and recognised churches which are raising money for projects where the total cost is less than £150,000. This money can be spent on short breaks (such as an annual respite break or holiday for disadvantaged young people), equipment (such as white goods), or capital costs (refurbishment or minor building work). 

Pebble grant applications are processed on a quarterly basis. It can take up to 4 months for a decision and payment to be made. Grants are awarded on a discretionary basis; the Rank Foundation’s contribution ranges from £250 up to and including £4,000, depending on the total cost of the project.

If you have any queries, please contact

Please see the below criteria to confirm if your organisation is eligible. 


UK registered charity or church

If you are applying for charitable status, please wait until you have your charity number before submitting an application. Organisations that apply are expected to have evidence of good governance.

Annual income of less than £500,000 

This programme is targeted at smaller charities, and therefore this income level has been set. This amount should match the figure on your latest accounts. Please note, we will check income against that reported on the charity commission website. 

£150,000 Maximum Project Cost

The total cost of the project cannot be more than £150,000. We will not consider any applications which require more than this amount. 

The project must be for the benefit of UK residents

The project must be for the benefit of UK residents, including but not limited to citizens, long-term residents and asylum seekers. This does not include visitors to the UK. 

Cause cannot be supported elsewhere by the Rank Foundation

We do not support causes supported elsewhere by the Rank Foundation. This includes:  

  • Hospices. Hospice UK is a regular grant-recipient of the Rank Foundation.  
  • Mainstream schools. The School Leadership Award is the Rank Foundation’s specific educational grant. For more information, please see here 
  • Film-making. CTVC is an independent production company that is part of the Rank Foundation.  

Must have raised a third of the costs

The Trustees are only able to make a contribution to the project costs through this funding scheme. We therefore require that you have already raised a third of the total costs to ensure that the project will go ahead with our contribution. When making an application, we will ask to see proof that you have successfully raised this amount. 

Must have access to project cashflow or budget

We require financial proof of either project cashflow (ie receipts from contractors) or the project budget (estimated costs). We require financial proof from Churches that your annual income is less than £500,000. 

Programme restricted to causes in the UK

The Rank Foundation is a charitable trust restricted to causes in the UK. We are therefore unable to consider any projects that take place outside the UK.

Inclusive use by the wider community

We will not support projects that are for the benefit of only one ethnic or religious group; facilities must be open to the wider community.

Cannot be used for pilot projects

Requests for pilot project equipment and affiliated costs will not be considered.

Pebbles Online Application

Key Dates

Pebble grants are awarded on a quarterly basis. Applicants should be aware that it will take approximately 4 months for a decision and payment to be made. We advise that time sensitive applications should be made at least 4 months in advance before the funding is required. Grant payments will be in the form of BACS and sent within a month of receiving the award notification.  

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received, we will only notify you if your application is successful.


We require that every successful applicant submits either 1 year progress report (for short breaks and equipment) or an end of project report (for projects involving long-term building and refurbishment). We will send you a reminder email from when the report is due. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You may only apply for a Pebble grant once every three years if you are successful, and once per year if you are unsuccessful. This should be counted as exactly one year or three years after your original application date.

Pebble grants are awarded on a discretionary basis. The Rank Foundation’s contribution ranges from £250 up to and including £4,000, depending on the total cost of the project.

Pebble grants are awarded in the form of BACS (Bankers’ Automated Clearing System). This money will be sent directly to the organisations bank account provided in your application. A recent bank statement will be required in your application. Please ensure that all bank details are correct – incorrect details can cause a payment delay of approximately 1-2 months.

Pebble grants are to be used for the purpose your organisation originally specified in the application form. If you are unable to use the awarded sum for the specified purpose, contact and we will discuss the situation further. Please note that we will request for the awarded funds to be returned if we are unable to resolve the issue.

Minor building work is any work that does not require planning permission, such as the creation of a tool shed. Pebbles grants will not fund the building of new foundations, walls or roofing.

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