May 2017

Goldies Songbooks

2017-05-09T14:27:18+01:009th May 2017|Pebbles|

With the support of charitable giving from organisations such as The Rank Foundation, the Golden-Oldies Charity has been able to provide brand new songbooks to all 150 Goldies Singing and Activity sessions, reaching over 2500 [...]

January 2017

Shapeshifter Productions

2019-12-11T16:04:52+00:0013th Jan 2017|News, Pebbles|

About ShapeShifter Productions is a not-for-profit art organisation, aiming to provide the community with high quality art and encourage people to get involved. Due to their fantastic work, The Rank Foundation supported the organisation with [...]

Newport Cottage Care Centre

2019-12-11T16:05:27+00:005th Jan 2017|Pebbles|

Arts and Crafts Room Project Report We are delighted to announce that Newport Cottage Care Centre’s Arts and Crafts Room has been completed (pictured below). The dedicated Arts and Crafts Room will allow the Centre [...]

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