What is the Fellowship?

The Rank Fellowship is an alumni network of leaders, who were supported as young people by the Rank Foundation.

Some were recipients of the Rank Foundation’s School Leadership Award; some were participants in the Rank Foundation’s Time to Shine Programme; all were recognised for their leadership potential.

The Fellowship also includes some honorary Fellows, who are closely associated with the various programmes of the Rank Foundation.

School Leadership Holders
Active Fellows

The Fellowship runs a variety of events each year in pursuit of its aims which are:

  • to inspire Fellows, in the spirit of the pebble in the pond, to make a positive impact on society
  • to provide mentoring and support for Fellows at the crossroads on their education and career journeys.
  • to create a sense of community within the Fellowship.
  • to foster links with the wider Rank Foundation and its network of charities.

Keeping in Touch

The Fellowship has an active LinkedIn group which all Fellows are encouraged to join: it allows the sharing of news about Fellows and information about forthcoming events and the work of the Fellowship Leadership Team.

Rank Ripples – the Foundation’s in house magazine – has a regular Fellowship slot and interim updates are also published between editions.

Any Fellows wishing to receive either publication should contact fellowship@rankfoundation.com

Autumn 2022 Magazine, See pages 40-57
Spring 2022 Magazine, see pages 24-28
October 2021 Newsletter
July 2021 Newsletter
April 2021 Newsletter
February 2021 Newsletter
November 2020 Newsletter

Career Advice and Work Experience placements throughout the year

Many Fellows offer mentoring advice about careers throughout the year. Some are also willing to offer work experience placements to Fellows wishing to gain an understanding of the work-place or of a particular career. Work experience is available in many companies and organisations ranging across public and private sectors. Placements have been offered by Fellows within these organisations and are sponsored by the Fellows.

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