Celebrating 10 years in 2020!

Time to Shine is a leadership programme established by The Rank Foundation and is currently in its tenth year of operation. It has evolved in alignment with The Rank Foundation’s mission as it sits firmly within the Foundation’s ‘investing in people and organisations’ principle.

To date, over 200 charities have benefited from a Time to Shine leader – typically UK youth and community care organisations. The scheme was set up following discussions in 2008 about the impact of the impending recession on charities that The Rank Foundation supports and on young people setting out on their chosen career path. Following an extensive pilot project, based on a volunteering scheme, the Time to Shine Internship Programme was created in 2011. It has developed and grown over the years and in 2019 was re-branded as the Time to Shine Leadership Programme.

In the same year, The Rank Foundation received a grant of £3m from The National Lottery Community Fund to expand the programme over the next three years. In September 2020 The Rank Foundation also received a grant from The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to expand the already very popular Time to Shine programme between November 2020 and December 2022.

Since 2010, there have been over 300 Time to Shiners!

What’s The Point?

Its purpose is twofold:

  • To enable individuals with the right skills mix, talent and work ethic, the opportunity to experience a 12- month paid leadership and development placement in a charity
  • To fill organisational, developmental and skills gaps in smaller charities by identifying a specific piece of work that can be completed in 12-months

The programme aims to develop capacity and bring about sustainable improvements to the charity’s performance whilst boosting employment prospects and building interest in career opportunities within the social sector.

What’s Involved?

The leadership programme incorporates personal development activities for both the Time to Shine (T2S) leader and the line manager, requiring attendance at residential events. The T2S leader will attend Action Learning sets throughout the year and can benefit from additional support provided by an experienced mentor from within the Rank network. Both line manager and T2S leader will have access to RankNet, Rank’s online network, providing further training and development opportunities and sector support.

How Does It Work?

Each year charities are invited to apply, outlining a priority, organisational development gap and what difference a leader would make in addressing this need. Charities are shortlisted and then the charity identifies an individual with the skills and talent to carry out the leadership programme.

Rank and the National Lottery Community Fund interview the line manager and the prospective leader in order to ensure that the organisation is clear about the role and what support structures are in place for the T2S leader

At the start of the programme the line manager and leader are both invited to a launch conference. This is an important activity as it provides the opportunity to share information on Time to Shine and offers a chance for the leaders and line managers to meet and create new support networks.
Each of the leadership programmes is designed specifically around the needs of the charity. The programme does not replace a core function but often offers the opportunity to test new areas of work that may lead to a permanent post or new system (not funded by Rank).

What Does The Leader Do?

This year, there are 54 leaders in 54 different organisations within the Rank network. The charities and social enterprises address many significant and deep-seated problems in society such as bullying among young people, knife crime, food poverty, loneliness among older people and rural isolation. These organisations face different challenges externally but share similar organisational needs internally such as marketing, PR, fundraising, research, social media and I.T. systems. The Time to Shine Leaders are specifically recruited on merit of their skills set and work ethic, to address these business needs and, over the 12-month period, to improve the host charities capacity to deliver services in the longer term.

Eligibility Criteria

Traditionally organisations are invited to apply for the scheme. These organisations must meet regional and thematic criteria set by The Rank Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund.

The next programme will commence in January 2022

Meet six of the new Time to Shine Leaders…

AngelitiaJUST Lincolnshire

Role: Marketer and Strategic Development

How I got here : I am a qualified Architectural assistant and Community chef so those were both the previous roles I was undertaking and embarking on my adventure of utilising my recently obtain qualifications in bricklaying and carpentry skills in my spare time.

What I’m looking forward to: Becoming the woman I was destined to be, to lead those who were once broken, marginalised and left abandoned whether it be emotionally or physically. To lead in design and build within the third sector/voluntary sector.

One Thing I couldn’t live without: My faith, it grounds me, helps me, keeps me sane and gives me a hope and a future.


Role: Volunteer Development Officer

How I got here: Prior to this role I was a support practitioner in a service which supported individuals with learning disabilities and I absolutely loved it. I also volunteered (and still do) with Girl Guiding.

What I’m looking forward to: Gaining experience from my role and being able to use it to help support other people towards the life and roles that they want.  I found that being part of volunteering did a lot for me and I would like to pay that forward.

One Thing I couldn’t live without: My son. Through the low points in the last 6 years my son kept me going.

DaryllThe Brain Injury Foundation

Role: Fundraising Officer

How I got here : Before my Time to Shine journey began, I was studying for my masters in politics and working part time in a supermarket.

What I’m looking forward to: I look forward to helping people, giving something back to my community and making new contacts across the sector.

One thing I couldn’t live without: I couldn’t live without the music of Queen!

GwenlliCwmni Bro

Role: Community Development Apprentice

How I got here : Before becoming a Time to Shine Leader I was mostly a stay at home mother and home with the children but also writing community and educational theatre projects.

What I’m looking forward to: Someone once told me that this job is “being paid to care” so I am enthusiastic about getting to be creative and creating digital content that helps and promotes my community in a positive way.  There is definitely a feeling that I am more than ready to learn and gain new skills by sharing experiences and ideas, being innovative and gaining perspective through working with the other leaders and gain strength and confidence within that network and connections.

One thing I couldn’t live without: Music. Although tragically embarrassing I couldn’t live without belting out showtunes!

JadeMakers HQ

Role: Design Assistant

How I got here: I studied a degree in Fashion at the Plymouth College of Art. I was selected to showcase my collection at Graduate Fashion Week, where I was scouted by some big names in the world of Fashion. Makers HQ took me on as a work experience placement after university, where I would help out with daily running of the sampling studio. I was then approached with an offer for my current role which I jumped at.

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing how my project with Makers HQ develops over the next year. Going from initial concepts and research, through to branding and marketing, as well as development of the clothing. It will be very rewarding when we launch the brand and start production of the work I created.

One thing I couldn’t live without: My crochet! I am a big crafty person and love to get creative in my spare time with a crochet hook and a ball of yarn.

AmaleehahIntegrate UK

Role: Fundraising and Communications Officer

How I got here: I had been with the charity Intergate UK for several years as an activist, mentoring younger people in the charity and even led one of the charity’s educational media projects. After graduating, the charity invested in me by offering the amazing opportunity to be part of the Time to Shine Leadership Programme.

What I’m looking forward to:Development and training opportunities such as social media training and grant report writing training. I am also looking forward to growing and developing as a person and progressing with the charity. I am especially keen to meet new people through RankNet and The Time to Shine Leadership Programme through networking opportunities.

One thing I couldn’t live without: My Mum!