School Leadership Award

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The School Leadership Award is one of the Foundation’s earliest structured programmes, having supported around 1500 young people through their education since its inception in 1978. The Award follows the Foundation’s guiding principles around young people and leadership.

The Rank Foundation offers financial support to a small number of boys and girls in the Sixth Forms of selected state and independent Schools who are thought to have outstanding leadership potential. Candidates for these School Leadership Awards are put forward to the Foundation by the Heads of a few chosen schools; the Foundation makes the Awards on the evidence of this exceptional leadership potential and financial need.

It is a requirement of those holding an Award to spend two weeks working for a not-for-profit organisation, typically a Youth and Community group where The Rank Foundation has very strong links. These placements have proved to be remarkable experiences for our award holders, giving them an awareness of leadership of a very different kind to that shown in schools. Placements also provide insight into contrasting aspects of community activity, initiative and support, often in areas of deprivation.

Once the young people have completed their time at school, they are invited to join the Fellowship – an alumni organisation for School Leadership Award holders and invited guests, including those who have completed a Time to Shine internship.

Meet some of our current Leadership Award holders

James Lingfield
James LingfieldLeadership Year 2016

James received his Leadership Award in 2016 and lives in Essex with his family. He is captain of the school boccia team, a peer mentor, holder of a sports leadership award and a Leadership at Sea certificate. James is due to undertake his first Community Action Placement this summer, and has attended a number of Rank events.

James is mid-way through his A-Levels, and intends to study English at University with a view to start his career in the legal sector.

Poppy Robinson
Poppy RobinsonLeadership Year 2017
Tom Conradi
Tom ConradiLeadership Year 2017
What are your interests?
I love drama: acting, or watching, there’s just something magical about it! Along the same vein, I have danced for years and I enjoy that too. Perhaps slightly unusually, I also really enjoy the sciences; Chemistry especially. However I would probably say that my favourite subject at school is French, and I just love languages in general!
What are your career plans?
This is a big question! I would like to do so many things in the future! At the moment, I am considering medicine, but languages and sciences are very much in the running too…
What is really important to you?
My friends are very important to me, and I would also say that being organised is important but then my bedroom would prove the opposite! However, my best answer would be my cats. My cats are important to me!