In March, The Rank Foundation hosted a virtual Showcase to celebrate and demonstrate the work of the 2020 Time to Shine leaders.

No one could have predicted the challenges they would face both professionally and personally with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Time to Shine leaders persevered and the recent showcase highlighted their adaptability and how they continued to fulfil and exceed expectations of their role within their charity.

As we say farewell to the 2020 cohort as Time to Shine leaders, we are excited for their careers and the journey ahead of them. We feel privileged to have seen first-hand their impact in the UK social sector over the past year. All the team at The Rank Foundation feel inspired by their vulnerability in demonstrating their personal development and their creativity shone through in the videos each group produced.

We have loved getting to know the leaders and managers and welcoming them to The Rank Foundation.

Please watch the videos below to gain insight into the leaders Time to Shine 2020 journey: