The Time to Shine Review Conference recently took place in Windermere, the Lake District.  This was an opportunity for all the charities involved in the programme to connect with each other and for The Rank Foundation to hear how the interns’ work had developed over the first six months.  Workshops are included for personal development, some time to reflect and relax with optional creative and leisure activities.

For the first time since the programme began we organised film training for the line managers (to their surprise, we managed to keep it quiet until arrival!).  This was initially greeted by most of the managers with the usual fear of being in front of camera but with the guidance from the fantastic VividEcho team of Alison, Keira and Toby, who then edited the films, the results are brilliant, with inspiration from a ‘Hitchcock’ style thriller to blooming flowers.  You can select the groups below which will redirect you to each video. Enjoy!

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The Intern

Carrie Herbert – Red Balloon
Callum Davies – Spectrum Days
Stephen Ryder – Foresight
Jamie Price – NCC Dream
David Church – RBLI


Phil Atkinson – ACT
Bob Ayres – CTVC
Mark Fenty – GHOPA
Vaughn Temby – Disability Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly


Michelle Hunter – Bauer Academy
Sheila Newcombe – Dundee SEN
Sheryl Penrose – Khulisa
Christina Wigmore – Soft Touch Arts
Jacky Close – Faith in Community Dundee
Develop & Flourish

Dave Rawding – Rank Associate
Sara Fernandez – Student Hubs
Mike Thompson – HYST
Jill Gledhill – Together Women Project
Simon James – Interlink RCT

Journey Into

Brigitta Laszlo – HANA
Will Law – Brainstrust
Maya Kumagai-Jones – St Hilda’s
James Hall – People and Work Unit
Jane Johnstone-Cree – Neuro Therapy Centre

The Doorway

Michelle Smith – Blackpool Carers
Yvonne Field – The Ubele Initiative
Jenny O’Hara Jakeway – Powys Carers
Titi Dawadu – Reaching Higher
Matt Bell – Exeter Community Initiatives