The Rank Memorial Award was established in 2010 to commemorate our former Chairman, Mr. Fred Packard. The aim of the Memorial Award is to create an opportunity to travel and explore a specific area of personal interest, relating to our work that will serve to inspire, educate or promote the interests, values or ethos of the Foundation. Here is a brief summary of two of the 2017 winners and their plans:
Memorial Award Winners

The 2018 programme is now open and available to anybody associated with the Rank Foundation and RankNet, through our range of initiatives and programmes. There will be one award of £8,000 – we might share this depending on circumstances. Applicants must be 18+ to apply with no upper age limit.

We are looking support an individual who has designed their own programme of learning around one of the Foundation’s key areas of interest: leadership or enterprise.


The successful programme is likely to include an element of working in an outside agency, preferably abroad. The initiative must be entirely of the applicant’s own choosing and design: this might include someone wishing to take a sabbatical in order to explore an initiative around ‘leadership or enterprise’, perhaps working in a community abroad, with an experience that could help develop the applicant’s current or future professional role and expertise.

All submissions must be made via the application form on RankNet. You can find this application form under ‘Opportunities’   Please direct any queries or questions direct to Helen at

You will need to cover:

  • Where you want to go, for how long and why
  • A brief description on who you are, your current role and organisation
  • Who or what you intend to visit
  • What you hope to achieve
  • Provisional budget including any flight, travel, accommodation and associated costs (you do not need to commit the £8,000 in full)
  • Full contact details
  • The trip must be complete by the end of August 2019


The winner must be prepared to produce a short video diary, to produce a blog (during the trip for publication on
RankNet) and to make a formal presentation to the Rank team on their return.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on the 15th June 2018 . You will be contacted by email, on the email address you have provided on this form, if you have been shortlisted by the  27th of June. We expect interviews to take place on the 12th July at the Rank Foundation office in London.

Good Luck!