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Time to Shine Residential – Windermere

08 May 2024   /   Natalie Kay

The 2017 Time to Shine Interns are now 6 months into their internships at their organisations, so The Rank Foundation run a ‘halfway point’ residential to check in with the interns and their managers.

The residential was held at the very beautiful Low Wood Bay Hotel in Windermere, and three groups of interns and their managers visited for 24 hours over 3 days. Activities included film making with our good friends Vivid Echo (videos to follow on RankNet), preparing for the showcase at the Blackpool Conference in October, Mindful Leadership with Dr Jan Goss and pottery with Crafty Monkeys.

The weather was unfortunately not kind to us, so most of the activities were restricted to inside, but the groups appeared to have a good time engaging with the activities and getting to know each other a little more.

We would like to thank the interns and their managers for traveling the long journey, and engaging so well in the activities.

Group 1:

Ciaran Rooney (I) & Joe McNeill (M) – Ardoyne Youth Club

Niall O’Neill (I) & Billy Boyd (M) – BCSDN

Laura Cloughley (I) & Andrew McCreery (M) – Community Intercultural Programme

Jamie Gargan (I) & Catriona Clifford (M) – Extern Northern Ireland

Maxi Panayi (I) & Louisa Searle (M) – First Give

Jenny Geddis (I) & Sandara Kelso-Robb – Giving NI

Meghan Gilleece (I) & Martin Reid – GROW

Alex Dukes (I) & Sunil Birdy (M) – PACE Charitable Trust

Kerri-Ann Hughes (I) & Jude McCann (M) – Rural Support Services

David Thomas (I) & Sandeep Shah (M) – The Jack Petchey Foundation

Luke Billingham (I) & Jon McIntosh (M) – The Reach Foundation

Darren Smith (I) & Jillian Miskelly (M) – VOYPIC

Jack Bibb (I) & Caroline Redpath (M) – YouthAction NI

Group 2

Rebecca Thompson (I) & Matthew Powell (M) – Breaking Barriers

Rhiannon Griffiths (I) & Jeane Lowe (M) – Centre 63

Lloyd Newman (I) & Caroline Burkie (M) – Embercombe

James Rymer (I) & Terry Radcliffe (M) – Hop, Skip and Jump

Ruby Thorogood (I) & Clare Thomas (M) – Hope Support Services

Charlotte Young (I) & Steve Lennon (M) – Ocean Youth Trust

Elona Jetullahu (I) & Chris Wigmore (M) – Soft Touch Arts

Anna Newsum (I) & Victoria Costello (M) – Speakers Trust

Lloyd Marime (I) & Jenny Antrobus (M) – Spectrum Days

Alex Marshall (I) & Lydia Hodgins (M) – Student Hubs

Lizzie Dalley (I) & Rachael McCrea (M) – Venture Trust

Sam Whyte (I) & Liam Clark (M) – Vikings Sports Foundation

Group 3

Ethan Dalziel (I) & Carina Mitchell (M) – Advocating Together

Chloe Yates (I) & Michelle MacKay (M) – Bauer Media

Gregor Aitken (I) & Clare Heaton (M) – Cash for Kids

Norrie Miller (I) & Damon Herd (M) – Dundee Comics

Max Chase (I) & Nick Parr (M) – Dundee Rep & Scottish Dance Theatre

Badar Khan (I) & Brigitta Lazslo (M) – HANA

Katie Young (I) & Dave Rawding (M) – Rank Representatives for Hull

Jodie McAlpin (I) & Mike Thompson (M) – HYST

Jasmine Wood (I) & Jan Garril (M) – Two Ridings Community Forum

Nikolaos Xypolitis (I) & Lesley Caldwell (M) – Volunteer Centre Dundee 

Gillian Kelly (I) & David Dorward (M) – Rank Representatives in Dundee

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