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Resilience Fund: Making the Leap and Newington Day Centre

07 May 2024   /   Natalie Kay

On 3rd April 2020 The Rank Foundation launched the Resilience Fund in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Applications are open to all RankNet members, and the fund has been implemented to cover cashflow, fundraising and loss of income challenges relating to the current covid-19 related climate. This includes those facing significant, unplanned demand on services. Within hours of opening, applications were received and the Grants Manager and Foundation Executives began processing the applications, assessing management accounts and cash flow forecasts, knowing that access to this type of funding was a priority.

We will be looking at some of the Resilience Fund grantees each fortnight, with this week spotlighting Making the Leap and Newington Day Centre.

Making the Leap

Organisation Overview:

Making the Leap first came to Rank’s attention in 2016 and became a Major Grant recipient later that year.

Making the Leap’s mission is to transform the futures of young people from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. They deliver training to raise young people’s aspirations and equip them with the skills, behaviours and confidence to succeed whilst increasing their access to opportunities. They deliver their programmes via a number of methods: from the classroom, to their own centre but also via employee engagement opportunities helping businesses to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Difficulties due to Coronavirus:

The team have been unable to deliver sessions due to school closure and cutbacks on CSB budgets to protect businesses through the COVID19 period. Most schools will prioritise the curriculum for the remainder of the year due to the time lost, therefore additional services such as the opportunities offered by Making the Leap will drop further down the priority list. And in longer term plans, businesses will be likely to continue to cut CSR and HR budgets to recover.

Their annual fundraiser 2020 UK Social Mobility Awards will be very unlikely to happen due to new social distancing and capacity laws (or will at least be significantly scaled-back), which means minimal sponsorship or ticket sales profits.

What will the Resilience Fund grant be used for?

“As a result of Covid-19, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their families are now facing additional challenges – loss of income, rising household costs, health problems, social isolation and housing issues. Therefore, it is vital we continue to support young people during this time to boost their professional skills, stay motivated and remain connected with others”

The Resilience Fund grant of £20,000 will cover 6 months of predicted operational costs and loss of fundraising, allowing Making the Leap to continue to support their service users, albeit virtually.

Newington Day Centre

Organisation Overview:

Similarly to Making the Leap, Newington Day Centre was first funded by Rank back in 2016 as one of our Major grantees. They were also the joint winners of the Rank Accelerator award in 2019, voted for at our Annual Conference.

Newington Day Centre provides a range of Day Care services to people who are older and their carers since 1978 . They provide 250 places each week with individuals attending 2/3 days each week. The services offered by NDC include assistance to maintain good personal care, therapeutic hand care, a hairdresser, daily meals, a range of community services, a chiropodist, a community hearing clinic and a range of community events to help members engage in community life. They also provide opportunities for students on work placements completing NVQs and also support many nursing and social work students.

Difficulties due to Coronavirus:

The centre is unable to provide any physical services and has had to close. However, Newington Day Centre has adapted to the closure and now offers a telephone support service to ensure the most at-risk are receiving adequate care. They are also delivering arts and crafts boxes for entertainment and to keep their members occupied.

What will the Resilience Fund grant be used for?

There will be a large reduction in donations as many of the community face challenging times ahead and the ability to hold fundraising events. Local community and business fundraising usually brings in around £130,000 per year. Therefore a Resilience grant of £25,000 has been accepted to help with the current shortfall.

If you are a member of RankNet and wish to apply for Resilience funding, please visit our Opportunities page on the online platform. If you have any RankNet related queries, please contact

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