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Rank’s Ripples Reinvigorated

06 May 2024   /   Laura Price

A new brand for a powerful philanthropic collective!

Rank Foundation is delighted to reveal a new brand identity that better reflects the power of its thriving network.

About a year ago following research, interviews, and visits with many members of the network we realised that the Rank brand did not reflect the dynamism and progressiveness of the Foundation.

It was time to update our brand. The brand development gave the staff team a chance to reflect on what makes the Rank Network quite so special. The whole process was inclusive and collaborative with the people Rank cares about; our 1,200-strong network of social sector leaders.

Network members told us that together we inhabit a supportive, mutual, space. And that this shared space is distinct from other philanthropic communities.

“Rank are bold, stepping out doing things differently. They should have the confidence to say that.”
Network member

What makes Rank so special?
Clearly what we’d always proudly referred to as ‘relational philanthropy’ had to play a central role in our refreshed brand. With support from Louise Kavanagh, Purposeful Marketing, and Richard McGillan from Steers McGillan Eves, we set about developing the words and visuals to reinforce what makes Rank special: the collective power of our network.

While retaining the Christian values of trust, respect and empathy that drove our founder to set up the Foundation, we’ve adjusted the way we talk about the Foundation to clarify that it’s the Network where the magic happens.

Our thriving network tackles inequality to improve life in the communities they cherish.

“My grandfather would be delighted to see his legacy reinvigorated through this brand project. The focus on those we work with – rather than the Foundation itself – builds on his original values and intentions. I’m excited to share it with our members and to see where it takes us next.”
Joey Newton, Chair of the board

With our new brand we will encourage more collaboration, and continue to celebrate the power of the collective.

We are excited to be rolling out the new branding in the coming months!

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