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GAP Residential, May – Nayaab Yaseen Review

08 May 2024   /   The Rank Foundation

On arrival in Cumbria I was greeted by staff and other Gappers, which meant we were able to bond as a group from the onset. The residential was 3 days long and was packed with loads of activities ensuring that we got the most of our time in the Lakes; this made it particularly enjoyable. Out of all the activities the Via-Ferrata was the most memorable for a number of reasons; firstly I was hanging mid air at one point! The Via-Ferrata was made up of vertical climbing and a lot of mountain edge exposure; it was a very terrifying yet thrilling experience. What made the experience particularly memorable was the support that I got from the other Gappers. I was very nervous at the start, but the whole way through the Via-Ferrata I had constant words of encouragement. It’s hard not to bond with someone when you’re clinging on to them mid air! Over the few days we developed really good friendships and we are still in contact with each other; in fact we’re in a group chat.

All in all, the experience was absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I benefited in a number of ways including pushing myself to do something I didn’t think I could do. The rest of the group told me they could hear my shenanigans from the other side of the mountain so I was really proud that I persevered. I am really looking forward to the next residential and being reunited with my fellow Gappers.

Nayaab Yaseen – Lindley Educational Trust

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