Every year in September, The Rank Foundation gather the two cohorts that make up our Leadership Award Holders in Westminster. This is an opportunity to get to know each other, participate in group activities, and hear about what the Leadership Award has in store for them.

This year, Tim Young (Director of Education) and Lindsey Clay (Chair of the Rank Fellowship) welcomed the group, and Vivid Echo (a video production company) ran a video workshop with the young people.

Leadership Day



Will Counsell, one of our 2015 cohort, gave his account of the day:


“It was another fantastic day for the Class of 2015 at Westminster Cathedral despite it being the hottest November day in fifty-five years.

The day started with us having a briefing on the task ahead,  then breaking into groups to make a video on leadership and its qualities.

Once we’d mastered the equipment we went out and about into the local area to gather footage for the main section of the video. Everyone worked so well together, each adding their own ideas and working as a unified team. After the main portion of the film
was finished we headed inside, out of the sun for a welcome break with drinks and pastries.

The films we’d worked on in our groups were then taken away to be edited by a Vivid Echo. We had the chance whilst this was happening to watch a film on J. Arthur Rank, the founder of The Rank Foundation.

We were then back in our groups to discuss the introduction and conclusion to our videos. Then back out into the searing heat to finish our last bits of filming.

After a delicious lunch we had the  opportunity to mix with our own age groups, Class of 2015 and the Class of 2016, where we chatted about our placements over the summer and generally got to know one another better. Then, the highlight of the day was watching each other’s videos, having been professionally edited. It was such a Fantastic experience.

Once again another truly inspirational day with my time with Rank.”

If you were at Leadership Day 2016 and would like to send us an account of your experience, please get in touch with Natalie.