Joel Davis has been appointed to the board of Trustees at The Rank Foundation. Founder of Tutors United, Joel will bring a wealth of knowledge and educational experience to the board. Joel was the 2013 Future Leaders Award Winner, 2014 John Lewis Young Person of the Year and the 2019 Rising Chief Executive Award Winner in the Third Sector Awards.

Joel is currently CEO at Tutors United, an educational charity which trains university students and delivers confidence-boosting, attainment-raising group tutorials to primary school pupils, as they look to overcome socio-economic barriers that can hinder progress.

Joel will be the first RankNet nomination to serve as a Trustee on The Rank Foundation’s board.

Chairman at The Rank Foundation, Joey Newton, comments: “I am thrilled to welcome Joel to the Trustee Board. He will bring a youthful energy and, excitingly, a RankNet perspective which will be welcomed by all of us.”