Time to Shine FAQs

Time to Shine FAQs2020-08-05T15:14:23+01:00
Are there any restrictions on which charities can apply for the programme?2020-07-14T11:15:18+01:00

Charities are invited to apply by The Rank Foundation or via The National Lottery Community Fund (subject to conditions). 

How do I check if the organisation is eligible to apply?2020-07-14T11:16:15+01:00

Eligible organisations will be contacted directly by The Rank Foundation. 

What criteria must an organisation meet to apply?2020-09-02T09:01:29+01:00

Eligibility Criteria for 2021: 

a) Annual turnover of between £100k and £750k  and 

b) Within the Rank network and/or 

c) Eligible current TNLCF grant holders in specified regional locations: North West, North East, Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, London and South East, South West and Argyll and Bute, Glasgow and The West (Scotland).


Does the charity need to provide evidence of the health check assessment?2020-08-03T14:39:31+01:00

The VCSE strength checker is a self-assessment, diagnostic tool which is available to assist organisations to identify capacity.  

Are there a limited number of spaces available?2020-08-05T14:07:37+01:00

Yes, the application process is highly competitive; there will be 50 places available in 2021. 

What sort of projects does the leader undertake?2020-07-14T15:34:11+01:00

Time to Shine leaders work on all kinds of projects that demonstrate they will help the charity to grow e.g. Developmental fundraising, managing events, developing social media presence, digital marketing, research. 

Can an organisation request funding for more than one leader?2020-07-14T15:35:04+01:00

No. Funding is for one leader only.

When do applications open?2020-07-14T15:36:22+01:00

1st stage applications are expected to open in summer 2020 

How long does it take to process the application?2020-08-19T11:51:50+01:00

You will be notified of the outcome of the 1st stage of the application process by 24th September 2020. 

How do I apply?2020-07-14T15:38:33+01:00

Charities complete the online application identifying a priority business development gap and outlining what difference a leader with the right skills set would make in addressing this need.  

What information is required at application stage? 2020-07-14T15:40:44+01:00

A role description and evidence of specified company policies is required at stageas well as financial information.  

Does a leader have to be identified at stage 1?2020-07-14T15:41:18+01:00

No, the first stage is concerned with gauging the organisational need and the potential role/project.   

Who provides the letter of support?2020-07-14T15:41:50+01:00

The letter of support is written by the organisation championing the potential leader.

How do the interviews work?2020-09-04T10:04:08+01:00

Regional interviews (via Zoom) will take place Monday 2nd November to Tuesday 10th September 2020 (Northern Ireland 12th and 13th November.)

The interview panel includes representatives from The Rank Foundationthe National Lottery Community Fund and Time to Shine alumni. The potential leader and manager both attend on behalf of the organisation.  

What happens if I cannot make the regional interview days?2020-08-05T13:56:26+01:00

Interview days are set to allow preparation and convening of the interview panels; an alternative time and venue is unlikely to be possible.  

Why does the leader attend the interview?2020-08-05T14:02:41+01:00

Time to Shine is a leadership programme and both the manager and the leader are participants.  The leader attends the interview to demonstrate to the panel that the essential criteria including skills set, underemployed statuswork ethic and interest in the social sector are met. 

When is the closing date for applications?2020-08-19T11:47:15+01:00

Applications close Monday 21st September 2020. 

How does the organisation find a leader?2020-08-19T12:02:34+01:00

The organisation is responsible for recruiting a suitable leaderthis can be someone already volunteering, or they can be recruited to the specific role but should be underemployed or looking for their first career step into the social sector. 

As well as any interviews with the organisation, the preferred candidate will attend additional regional interview with the Rank Foundation.

Who employs the leader?2020-08-05T14:34:47+01:00

The organisation employs the leader and provides the contract of employment, treating them as any other employee on a one- year contract.

When does the Time to Shine programme start?2020-08-05T14:36:06+01:00

The programme starts in early January 2021; the leader should have started in post with the organisation prior to the launch conference and no later than 18th January 2021. 

How many hours should the leader work per week?2020-08-05T14:38:15+01:00

The Foundation funds full time employment for 12 months, the number of hours is determined by what the organisation deems full time (between 35 – 37.5 hours per week). Applicants with disabilities, or health circumstances that prevent them from working full-time, are welcome to apply, but the work focus must be achieved within the 12-month period. 

Can the role be offered as a job share?2020-08-05T14:39:30+01:00

Due to the nature of the programme including the action learning sets and residential events, job share is not suitable for this role

What is the Real Living wage?2020-08-05T14:43:06+01:00

This is specified by the Living Wage Foundation currently £9.30 per hour across the UK, £10.75 per hour in London. The rate is reviewed in November. 

Would someone who has previously been employed by an organisation be eligible as a Time to Shine candidate.2020-08-05T14:48:53+01:00

No, T2S is a leadership programme and does not replace existing roles where funding has ceased.  The programme gives the leader an opportunity to gain paid work experience while building and further developing the charity in some way. 

When does the contract start?2020-07-14T16:08:49+01:00

January 2021. Leaders should start after confirmation of funding and the signed contract is returned to The Rank Foundation. 

How does the manager participate in the programme?2020-07-14T16:11:23+01:00

The named line manager will be required to attend up to 6 days as specified in the contract. Action Learning, mentoring and professional development is available through the network. 

What skills or qualifications does a leader need to enter the programme?2020-08-05T14:50:48+01:00

Each organisation will determine the specific skill set they need for the leader to undertake the T2S project/role. Individuals need the right mix of skills and talent to complete the 12-month project.

What resources does the organisation need to provide to support the leader on programme?2020-07-15T09:42:44+01:00

The organisation must provide a named line manager (employed by the organisation and working similar hours to the leaderto support the individual and commit time for the leader to undertake development.

Are leaders able to join the programme if they are unable to attend all events?2020-08-05T15:02:09+01:00

No, we require organisations to commit to leaders attending 14 (off placement) development days to enable the leader to fully engage and benefit from the programme.  

We cannot make the launch/review events we have been allocated; can we change to another session?2020-07-15T09:48:51+01:00

The conference dates relate to each action learning set and will be specified in the contractorganisations are not able to select which dates they can attend.

How, and when, is funding provided?2020-07-15T09:49:36+01:00

The foundation establishes the final grant award and once the contract is signed, allocates 60% of the funding. The final 40% of the funds are allocated after the review point (July). 

What can the additional funding (£2000) be used for?2020-07-15T09:50:09+01:00

The £2000 is incorporated within the Time 2 Shine grant and can be used for any additional costs relating to the placement this could be NI/pension/other costs.

How much is the travel allowance?2020-07-15T09:50:47+01:00

The travel allowance is calculated by Rank as a contribution towards travel and subsistence to the statutory programme events; the launch and review conference for T2S leaders and managers, action learning and annual conference for the T2S leaders. 

What bursary opportunities are available?2020-07-15T10:32:23+01:00

As a member of RankNet, each leader will be eligible to apply for up to £1000 in additional funding for training opportunities available through RankNet (subject to availability). 

What happens if the project contract is not fulfilled, if the leader leaves during the programme?2020-07-15T09:52:06+01:00

The named manager and leader are the participants in the programme and the grant cannot be transferred, The Rank Foundation will request a return of unspent funds and the proportion of the grant allocated for the leader’s role. 

What sort of evaluation reports will be required?2020-07-15T09:52:34+01:00

Reports are required to be submitted three times a year, in January, May and December. 

Is there a ‘core’ programme that leaders can expect throughout the Rank development and training days?2020-08-05T15:04:19+01:00

The programme focuses on leadership skills and encourages personal development through the conferences, action learning and mentoring. 

What is action learning?2020-08-05T15:05:29+01:00

Action Learning forms part of the Leadership development days which take place during the programme. 

What other training is available?2020-08-05T15:06:11+01:00

Other self-led training opportunities are available through bursary funding accessed via RankNet (the foundation’s online community platform). 

How is a mentor allocated?2020-08-05T15:07:10+01:00

Mentors and mentees are matched according to their skills and the nature of the project. 

What support is available to managers?2020-07-15T10:15:06+01:00

Opportunities for networking support and training are available for managers at training/development as promoted via RankNet. 

Is there ongoing support available to leaders once the 12-month programme is finished?2020-08-05T15:13:46+01:00

Leaders can continue with membership of the RankNet online community platform and access various opportunities.  Leaders are also invited to join the Rank Fellowship. 

When do applications open?2020-08-19T11:45:49+01:00

First stage applications are expected to open in early September 2020. 

What sort of projects does the leader undertake?2020-07-22T14:21:15+01:00

Time to Shine leaders work on all kinds of projects that demonstrate they will help the charity to grow e.g. Developmental fundraising, managing events, developing social media presence, digital marketing, research. 

How does the organisation find a leader?2020-07-22T14:21:58+01:00

The organisation is responsible for recruiting a suitable leader; this can be someone already volunteering, or they can be recruited to the specific role but should be underemployed or looking for their first career step into the social sector. The organisation’s preferred candidate will attend an additional regional interview with the Rank Foundation. 

What can I expect at the Time to Shine interview?2020-07-22T14:22:34+01:00

The interview is informal; an interview panel includes representatives from the Rank Foundation, The National Lottery Community Fund and a former Time to Shiner. The potential leader and manager both attend on behalf of the organisation. 

What happens if I cannot make the regional interview days?2020-09-04T10:05:30+01:00

Interview days are set to allow preparation and convening of the interview panels; an alternative time and venue is unlikely to be possible.  For application to 2021, interviews will take place via zoom between the 2nd and 10th November inclusive and for Northern Ireland, 12th and 13th November. 

What bursary opportunities are available?2020-07-22T14:30:55+01:00

Each leader will be eligible to apply for up to £1000 in additional funding for training opportunities available through RankNet (subject to availability). 

What is RankNet?2020-08-05T10:36:51+01:00

A professional network of all Ranks currently funded organisations, where additional opportunities are advertised via our online community platform.

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