Engaged Philanthropy – What does it mean to The Rank Foundation?

Engaged Philanthropy is nothing new. The term evolved from the model of Venture Philanthropy but we believe this is distinct from the ‘venture’ approach in that business expertise is not the exclusive domain of the financial or investment sector. In many regards, foundations like Rank have been operating a high engaged approach for many years.

Financial Capital

The Rank Foundation offer long term support with flexibility in funding including options for repayable grants.

Intellectual Capital

This embraces everything from Sharing Good Practice, Time to Shine, GAP apprenticeships, advice and guidance, access to bursaries, place based steering group meetings, evaluation and review. This goes well beyond ‘grants plus’ .These are not add-ons: this is integral to the way we do business.

Social Capital

Access to networks from Fellowship to RankNet, the wider Rank network, leveraging additional support from pro bono advice to the creation of ‘added value’ sits at the very core of our engaged approach both within a place based context and beyond.

Implicit to this is the employment of a mission-focused field executive: working proactively, intelligence driven, relational, enterprising and supportive.