Covid-19 Recovery Fund

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Please note that our Covid-19 Recovery Fund will be open for applications from 6th November 2020

What is the Covid-19 Recovery Fund?

The Rank Foundation is one of nineteen funders, foundations and philanthropists who are partnering with the Government’s Community Match Challenge scheme. The Rank Foundation’s Covid-19 Recovery Fund strand will support 200 charities and social enterprises with urgent and immediate financial needs.  Those organisations that are facing unprecedented demand for services or those that are facing a significant reduction in income as a result of the pandemic will benefit from the fund.  This can include (but is not limited to) staff salaries, project running costs, general running costs and overheads, and goods and equipment which would not be capitalised.

Core grants of up to £25,000 per organisation to help to retain vital community services and to create resilience are available. This funding must be disbursed and spent by onward grantees by 31 March 2021.

Important Considerations

  • Organisations from within the Rank network (RankNet) are invited to apply. On this occasion, prospective organisations should either be currently in receipt of Rank funding or previously in receipt of Rank funding. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend RankNet invitations to Pebble Grant recipients.
  • New organisations will only be invited to apply when recommended directly by a Rank Executive. This is a rare exception.
  • There is no public application form. All applications can be made via our members-only RankNet platform.
  • In line with DCMS requirements, funding is prioritised for organisations based in England at this time. Applications from Scotland, NI and Wales will be considered, but grant applications will be assessed and evaluated by location.
  • The grant must be disbursed and spent by grantees by 31st March 2021. Monitoring and checks will be in place to ensure this is adhered to.
  • Grant guidelines for this fund is minimum application £10K up to the full £25K.
  • If your application is successful, you will be required to adopt Upshot.  Upshot is a monitoring and evaluation tool that all successful applicants will be required to complete throughout the duration of the grant period.  On-line training will be provided.
  • The following applications will not be considered:
    • Using grant funding to petition for additional funding
    • Payments for activities of a political or exclusively religious nature
    • Payments to carry out long-term research
    • Goods or services you have a statutory duty to provide
    • contributions in kind (ie. a contribution in goods or services, as opposed to money)
    • Interest payments
    • Gifts to individuals other than promotional items with a value of no more than £25 per year to any one individual
    • Statutory fines or penalties
    • Use to purchase buildings or land
  • Prior to applying, we would recommend that you read and agree to the application Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for this funding if I applied for Rank Emergency and Resilience Funding earlier in the year?2020-10-26T13:18:16+00:00

Yes. We are accepting applications irrespective of whether you were previously successful or not. This is a new and separate grant funding stream.

I want to apply for funding but only need £20K for my project. Can I still apply?2020-10-26T13:19:29+00:00

Yes. We will award up to £25K with a minimum application of £10K.

The project I would like to use the Recovery funding for will not require funding until later in 2021. Can I apply for the funds now to spend later?2020-10-26T13:24:53+00:00

No. The grant must have been spent by the 31st March 2021. We have monitoring and checks in place to ensure the funding has been spent.

My organisation is not a member of the Rank Network. Can I apply?2020-10-26T13:25:49+00:00

No. This is exclusively for member organisations of RankNet.

My organisation is based in Scotland/NI/Wales. Can I apply?2020-10-26T13:26:38+00:00

A requirement of the DCMS grant is that priority is given to organisations operating in England. This does not completely exclude Scotland/NI/Wales but geographical location will be taken into consideration when deciding on grant distribution.

My organisation is a member of the network but has not signed up to RankNet. Can I apply?2020-10-26T13:28:32+00:00

All applications are via the RankNet members platform. If you think you are eligible for membership and require a login, please email ranknet@rankfoundation.com to enquire. We would also recommend you check our RankNet Membership Policy.

My organisation is eligible for this fund, however the relevant member of staff (Development Manager, for example) is not a member of RankNet as they have not been involved with the previously Rank-funded project. How can they access the application form?2020-10-26T13:29:17+00:00

They will need to apply via a current RankNet member at their organisation.

My organisation received a Pebble Grant. Can I apply?2020-10-26T13:29:52+00:00

Unfortunately, Pebble Grant recipients are not eligible for RankNet membership, therefore are not eligible for this funding stream.

Is there a deadline for applications?2020-10-26T13:30:29+00:00

At present, there is no deadline for the Covid-19 Recovery grant. The funding must have been granted, disbursed, and spent by 31st March 2021. We would encourage organisations to apply promptly to avoid disappointment.

How do I apply?2020-10-26T13:31:01+00:00

Please log on to RankNet where you will find the application form under the ‘Opportunities’ tab.  Please ensure you upload the additional documentation requirements in order for the application to be considered promptly.

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