During these uncertain times, please be assured that The Rank Foundation is fully operational and have put the following measures in place:


  • We have launched our Emergency Fund, for immediate grants of up to £750 to purchase equipment, technology or memberships, available to our existing network and not just current grant recipients


  • We have launched our Resilience Fund, for grants to cover cashflow, fundraising and loss of income challenges relating to the current covid-19 related climate, available to our RankNet members. This includes those facing significant, unplanned demand on services.


  • We have streamlined internal processes, including trustee approval, to ensure a swift and timely response to all requests


  • We will continue to work in partnership with other funders where possible, actively contributing to a number of ongoing discussions at a national level


  • We remain committed to our earlier promises regarding flexible use of funds for existing grants, adapting for other use and adjusting timetables and reporting requirements if required


  • Whilst the Emergency & Resilience Funds are only available to our RankNet members, our Pebble Grants programme has reopened to allow for wider, public access. Further information will be posted on our website in due course. Our major grants programme will be suspended for the moment in order that we focus our attention and resources on meeting the more immediate operational needs of our network.


David Sanderson, CEO, The Rank Foundation