Jacky Close, of Faith in Community Dundee, wrote us this wonderful poem about her experience at The Rank Foundation Conference 2016. We have lots of reviews of the conference to share with you soon, so keep checking back.

words, talking, group work, team work, conference

Words. Words. Words.

Spoken with passion and heart,

no meaningless chitter chatter (well, maybe some over dinner).

Words. Words. Words.

People who care, want to make a difference,

sharing and learning.

Workshops, showcase, RankNet, all full of words, spoken with passion and heart.

Words. Words. Words that were sticky and stuck –

Social impact; deliverability; sustainability; simplicity.

Empowered and terrified


Learning and growing

Making a difference

Lost confidence renewed

Their words, not mine:

“I now value my skills, I value myself”.

“It’s boosted my confidence massively”.

“I love what I do, I love my job”.

“I never want to work in any other sector, I want to be in a sector driven by people not targets.”

The Rank Foundation, a pebble in the pond.

Jacky Close – Faith In Community Dundee