The Rank Foundation has announced the theme of the 2019 Annual Conference:
Valuing Place: Creating Collaborative Change

Rank have been investing in Place for almost 20 years, funding projects within local communities and backing grassroots leaders with a model that looks to concentrate knowledge, funding and expertise. The purpose is to create a magnifying effect with the intention of increasing impact: each place is unique and working collaboratively addresses indigenous problems with innovative new solutions.

Conference Post Card

This is our most ambitious conference yet. We intend to bring the many dimensions of ‘Place’ under one roof, to highlight and celebrate our collective contributions and insights.  Learning drives improvement and this event is an opportunity to network, to share best practice and to hear from key thought leaders, innovative projects and likeminded funders.

Please note, this conference is by invitation only, and is administered via RankNet.

What to expect:

Showcases of Rank’s leadership programmes

Valuing Place Panel – a plenary session aimed at creating debate and discussion on ‘what works’

Participate in a high impacting seminar

Rank Accelerator Event where up to 5 projects will propose a collaborative idea for social impact

2019 Memorial Award (our annual travel bursary programme) winner(s) announced

A key note seminar on ‘Place’